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Listening Hour

Ocak 4 @ 21:00 22:00 UTC+3

Listening Hour

Dates: Thursday, January 4


Central Time, 12.00-13.00 (UTC-6)

Central European Time, 19.00-20.00 (UTC+1)

Türkiye, 21.00-22.00 (UTC+3)

Duration: 1 Hour

Language: English

Place: Online – Zoom meetings

Cost: Free

Listening Hour is an hour where we meet to share our personal stories and listen to the stories of others. The entire process is facilitated by a Guide who eventually brings all the stories together into a common narrative. While all participants are initially invited to share a brief moment, an image or emotion, not everyone is required to tell a longer story.  Its goal is to facilitate the exchange of personal stories in a way that fosters connection, meaning, and resilience. The number of participants is limited to 6-7 people.

The ‘stories’ we share here are slices of our own experiences, past, present and future. We focus on sharing and listening to our own stories without analyzing them or needing to respond to anyone. Share whatever you feel called to share within the small group. Because no story is too “heavy” or too “meaningless”.

Who can participate?

This session is for everyone and you do not need to prepare in advance. However, you must register.

Why Should You Join?

The Listening Hour can be a support in our daily life for:

  • increasing our resilience;
  • releasing tensions;
  • finding new insights and inspiration;
  • feeling heard, seen and accepted;
  • feeling the connection with others.

*The Listening Hour is the brainchild of Jonathan Fox, who is also a co-founder of Playback Theatre, a story-based approach to community theatre based on acting out on the spot real stories of audience members.

Uzm. Psikolog Pembegül İlter

Listening Hour Practitioner

International Certified Tele’Drama Practitioner Level 3 (CTP-3)

Information and zoom link will be sent via email to those who fill out this registration form.